Printing a Curved Container

Posted on July 9, 2011

I decided to try at a print which involves curves and thus hanging edges enough to just stick to the previous layer to test out the efficiency of the machine.  I used this pot from thingiverse:

I learned lots. belts slipped. Gears slipped. Temperatures varied. and I was watching this thing for 3.5 hours. Enjoyable to watch for sure, but definitely needs to be calibrated more to be reliable.
In urdu we call this a lota. Its used for washing and for holding water for drinking if its made out of clay itll keep the water cool.

A gear kept slipping in the z axis.  I also noticed that the bowden cable was pushing against the xcarriage and thus moving it a little which caused some shifting in the print.

Heres the video:

Here are some photos:

top view after handles printed

Printing on the Edge!

The fan really helps with printing on the overhangs as seen above ^-^

Finished! The nice side


Bad side - z gear slippage or x axis push

Correct height 55mm

I’ll post a video soon.

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