Smallest size test (thus far)

Posted on July 1, 2011

I wanted to print out a toy truck which was on thingiverse:

The reason I scaled it so small was actually because I wanted to print something quick after some bridge feedrate calibration I did in skeinforge.  Since this truck had some bridges in the back (where the dump part is), I thought might as well get something cool for the test.

The bridge didn’t really work out fine, The first image below is of the side which was on the print bed, so its flat.  The second picture is of the side which was basically the test I was looking for.  This size won’t work for my printer because it has a .5mm nozzle and to get to the resolution nice enough to get a good 18mm toy truck, I’ll need a nozzle a lot smaller.


Print bed side

mid-air side

Here is what its supposed to look like. Obviously scaled up.  I havn’t seen anyone try the 18mm I did (which actually printed out to be 16 mm)

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More for later!