Memon Name plate

Posted on June 27, 2011

After some adjustments in Skeinforge, I wanted to print out something a little personal so I created a name plate using Tinkercad

Tinkercad is a free and easy to use web-based program which will let you share on and also let you download the .stl file.  If others created something on thingiverse, they can share it with you and you can adjust it right online very quickly.

Here is a screenshot of tinkercad:

I did have some trouble again with my x-axis gear slipping (i still have to contact techzonecom about that gear so they can send me a new one.  You can see in the photo below that the extrusion shifted to the left after the first layer then again after the second.  On the third layer i think it reached the point on the gear teeth which are firm and not dull so it was fine after that.

Below is a pic of the final product before I removed the excess threads.  Threading was reduced using Retraction distance under the dimension menu in skeinforge. I set the distance to 2.5mm so it retracts that much while moving so threading is reduced.

Improvements for later: I need to increase the speed of the feed head while its moving across the outside of the figure.  The first layer is slow and that helps for it to stick to the bed, after that I can let it fly because I saw that extrusion is enough at higher speeds and it still sticks, and the most important part is that the pressure of the Bowden extruder isn’t pushing the bowden cable anymore so thats a great achievement to get any printing done. Alhumdulillah! yay!