Finally an awesome build

Posted on June 27, 2011

After so much difficulty with the huxley, I’ve finally come to a good build.

I decided to print out a mini wade extruder because the bowden is what is causing a lot of problems right now.

As you can see from the following photos that I had to put wood screws into the bowden cable so it doesnt get pushed out. This was where the printer kept failing.

Below is a picture of the miniwade which I printed out. Its from the following thing on thingiverse:

The back:

I do need to find out which skienforge settings to change now to improve the holes which are in the back.  You can’t see them in the back, they look like they got filled with plastic. On the front you can see them but they look squished, see the following photo:

I had to adjust the bed on the first layer because skienforge told it to raise up a millimeter which stopped it from sticking. It looks like this:

And just for the record, here is the middle layer:

Besides that, I also purchased a new hot-tip based on the following nozzle design:

This improves the printer because now plastic doesn’t leak out of this one because the PTFE expands within the brass tip and causes a natural seal so plastic cannot escape.

I hope I’m able to print out the rest of the mini wade before the bowden fails again.  Please don’t purchase the huxley kit from anyone, its not worth it. Small print area.  I thought it would be beneficial in traveling, but its just as heavy as any other printer and you still get the same vibrations during traveling as with any printer, so just go with the prusa or mendel.

I’ll upload a fast forward video soon of the print.