First Print! but fail due to x axis jamming

Posted on May 1, 2011

Yay Alhumdulillah my first print actually printed. Even though it started to slide over to the left, this is a good starting point to troubleshoot further.

I used g code generated from here:​index.php
Its a website made by Techzonecom, the ones who sold me the huxley reprap, so the settings are good. I can use those settings in skeinforge later when I get it working.

Problem: X axis slippage towards the right, which is causing the movement of the plastic towards the left more and more as it progresses. Also as the print kept going, I believe the extrusion of the plastic gets too much

Solution: I have to tinker with the x axis some more to see where this friction is occurring. I already made sure the belt is sitting on the bearing. Might be that the belt is too tight, or I need to add more graphite powder on the bars. Please share your experience if you know more.

Heres a video of it: