Initial print test

Posted on April 29, 2011

The print test is being done using Repsnapper.

I started to heat the printer and fed the ABS into the extruder until it reached the hot tip.

The following issues occured:

  1. Current temperature is not displaying
  2. Y axis is tripping on something i need to smooth on the bottom of the carriage later
  3. Motor temperatures are fine
  4. The temperature according to my IR Thermometer is 163C.  I thought this might be enough (even after others told me 220C is best for ABS) and I started to print out a cube. POST photo here.  What happened was that the extruder kept pushing into the hot tip but the hot tip wasnt melting so it pushed the hot tip down into the bed. 🙂 . Fun right :D.
  5. Heating has been taking 1 hour so far and its 1am so I’ll come back to this tomorrow.

I have video and photos of all the above as well as issues which occured when I heated up the motors too much and motor racks melted and bent.