Young Engineers Academy

Posted on April 23, 2011

This is a business I started in the end of 2010.  It consists of an afterschool program and a summer program.  The afterschool program involves students learning about robotics using the LEGO® NXT kits and programming them using linear block programming in ROBOLab.

The summer program will involve robotics as well as animation programming using MIT’s free Scratch program

I am also creating a new curriculum which has never been able to be used in elementary or middle schools due to the expensive nature of the machinery.  The curriculum will be based around Rapid Prototyping which involves students creating 3-D CAD designs on the computer and sending them to a Rapid Prototyping machine which will then ‘print’ it out in 3-D.  This allows students to experience what real engineers experience in designing and using actual products.  The intent is to motivate students to see more of the practical applications of Mathematics and Science.

More information can be see on the YEA website: