Muslim Soup Kitchen Project

Posted on April 23, 2011

I have been the coordinator of the Muslim Soup Kitchen Project since 2005.

The following website was created by volunteers but managed and updated by myself:

The position of coordinator entails the following responsibilities:

-Initiate programming of monthly soup kitchens

-Ensure all facilities are called in the area which we decide to serve

-Ensure volunteer cooks are called to cook the raw materials

-Ensure shopping is done for all raw materials

-Ensure publicity is being done by passing out flyers, facebook events, group email list-serves

-Ensure the day-of soup kitchen is smooth, including taking on any responsibilities mentioned above if other volunteers do not

This work requires knowledge of volunteer management which entails one to know what it takes to motivate and recruit volunteers to get the job done.  The Muslim soup kitchen project is geared towards the Muslim youth of the community in the intent to bring them together to serve the larger Muslim and non-Muslim community in which we live because Islam teaches us to do so.

I am currently looking for someone to replace myself as coordinator. Please contact me if you are interested
Please see the following video for more information: